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Robyn Braley is committed to helping Rotarians grow their clubs to become better equipped to help people who need help. He has led two club teams that were awarded RI PR Awards and served as the District 5360 PR Chair. He has been a Rotarian since 1999.

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Robyn draws from his experience as a Rotarian and as a Communications Professional to share ways to more effectively tell the Rotary story to your community. He starts by asking the questions, "Is your club ready to grow, and why does it matter?" The ultimate focus is on attracting new members.

He is available to speak at District Conferences and Rotary leadership training institutes. Content also applies to other not-for-profit organizations.

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The Life Changing Power of Inspirational, Motivational and Entertaining Quotes

Written by Robyn T. Braley

Quality content is the engine that drives social media. It wasn't too long after I started publishing on social media that I learned meaningful quotes are an easy way to attract an audience by providing them with content value. 

In November 2015 I posted an article on BTRB featuring quotes I had written. 

38 Quotes to Challenge, Inspire, Motivate, Encourage, Entertain and Uplift!

I was surprised by the response. If you look on the right side of your screen you will see that it is one of the top 10 posts as determined by analytics. Based on the response, I quickly repurposed the content and published it on my other blogsites.

Social media likes, retweets and similar activity on my other channels have inspired me to publish an ebook that will be available in early 2018. It will include around 400 quotes that I have written or gathered.

Encourage and Inspire

But, enough self promotion. This post is for you. 

Each quote is ready to cut and paste into your personal or Rotary Club social media platforms. For those not familiar with social media protocols, I have signed each one as quotes attributed to the writer have greater value than those which are not.

The quotes are also for use by leaders of service clubs, breakfast clubs and business, education, association, religious or community groups who often start or finish their meetings with a quote that provides insight into the topic at hand. Speakers and writers include them in articles, keynotes and speeches.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Six Step Plan for Sustainable Rotary Club Growth

What will rocket your club to new
heights in membership growth!
Written by Robyn T. Braley

Membership growth is a primary focus for every service organization.

However, the challenge is not growth for growth sake. The challenge is to achieve sustainable growth to ensure long-term viability.

Growth requires a commitment by current members to share their passion for the mission of the organization. And, as we know, enthusiasm is contagious.  

I know what question is on your mind. "Is there a magic bullet that will propel my Rotary Club to unprecedented growth?"

Probably not! Sustainable growth is seldom that easy.

And, the 'sustainable' part is hardest. Put simply, if your club has an influx of new members, will they become integrated and stay? 

New members add vitality and energy. The way they are nurtured and helped to blend into the life of your club impacts it's future. 

Why is that important? Because the work Rotary does serving others is too important not to continue doing it through future generations.